Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cydia causing problems for 2.0 users

According to many posts and threads on MacRumors Forums, Cydia is causing problems for 2.0 users.  The most common problem being the slightly dreaded "Spinning Wheel of Death" or "SWOD" after every application (not that there is many) is installed.  Many users on the RiP Dev Blog have been pleading for Installer to be released soon, if not now.  The iPhone Dev Team have also announced that Pwnage Tool will be updated with compatibility for Installer 4 when it is released.

Peace Out!

Installer 4 [Update]

RiP Dev Blog has announced that they are in the midst of tying the GUI to the back-end code and are about to release it to testers to prepare it for Final release.  Judging by this news, Installer 4 will be released in about a week.

I'll keep you posted, I will upload Installer 4 to MegaUpload and post the link here for you to download upon release.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Installer 4.0 - Coming Soon!

"" has announced that Installer 4.0 is nearing completion and will be released alongside "Kate 2.0" in the coming weeks.  Other rumors cite that Apple is testing Firmware 2.0.1 to address the issues that many users have been reporting, as per usual Jailbreakers, Don't upgrade to 2.0.1 until the Dev Team releases an update to Pwnage Tool with support for 2.0.1.  The update should come anyway with Installer 4.0 support even if Apple hasn't released 2.0.1 FW yet.

Stay Tuned!

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

This blog is solely dedicated to being a "safe haven" - if you will - for Jaibreakers of Apple's iPod touch and iPhone, no matter what firmware.   Post links to Jailbroken apps and links to application updates if you like.  Post comments on issues and I will do my best to help where I can.   Other posts will be coming soon, detailing new events, issues and releases in the Jailbreaking community.

Peace out!